Wall Tie Replacement

Since the advent of the cavity wall, it’s been standard building regulation to install a wall tie.

The ties job is to ensure when the building moves, both the inner and outer leaf (wall) flex and move together.

Like anything however, over time the ties can break and snap, wall tie failure can lead to cracking in the render and that can lead to water ingress.

signs of failure are mostly horizontal cracks,loose or damaged bricks,or a drop in the window sills or heads.

we offer a boroscope inspection to determine the condition of the existing ties,and provide a fee quotation to recifity the problem.

Its possible to install new stainless steel wall ties by drilling through the first brick and two thirds into the second.

The new tie is then driven into the hole with a cordless drill.

It does not disturb the inside of the property at all. Old ties should be removed,we use a metal detector to find them, then we remove or isolate them so they cannot cause any more damage.

Removing ties in a property with an external finish will need the area patched in afterwards.

Our ties are stainless steel and will last forever and come with a 20 year guarantee!