Dry Rot

This fungus has been nicknamed the 'cancer' of buildings.

If left to flourish,dry rot can be devastating.

Although called dry rot, it can only survive if moisture is present. More often than not leaks, dampness,lack of ventilation and water ingress due to building defects is the cause.in the right conditions,dank and humid areas such as sub floors dry rot can form,and spread very quickly and needs to be treated asap.

There is a process to treating this fungus, because it is often hidden under floor boards, in walls and behind skirtings, until exposed it is impossible to assess.

All timber and plaster work within one meter of the dry rot will need to be removed. Here at Pioneer we can do the removal, then once removed we can provide a free estimate to carry out the building work to recifity the damage.

Be wary of any company who offers a price without investigation!

Please call us if you believe you have dry rot and remember there is no fee for callouts and estimates!

Forget the DIY treatments available on the internet or in shops, professional strength chemicals are needed for effective treatment of dry rot or it is likely to return.

Call us and be sure your dry rot problem will be cured 100%. and a guarantee issues at the end!